Why You Need a Smart Sump Pump Alarm and Sensor

by Support Team February 25, 2019

Why You Need a Smart Sump Pump Alarm and Sensor

Water is the new fire when it comes to costly home damage. And that water often comes from the basement and one of the home appliances that might get the least attention.

We’re talking about your sump pump—80% of homes have one. Maybe right now, you’re thinking, “Oh, yeah. I should check on that.” 

Your home’s sump pump has one job—pump excess groundwater away from your home when it seeps into the sump pit. Your home’s sump pit will have extra water after a heavy rain or when the snow is melting. Click here to learn more about the hero of your basement, your home’s sump pump.


your sump pump keeps your basement dry—unless it fails...


Sump pumps fail more often than you might think too. With a sump pump failure, your basement is quickly left unprotected from all that excess water. That water has no place to go so your basement floods, causing expensive water damage. Especially if you have a finished basement. The worst part is you might not realize your sump pump has failed until you have a flood on your hands.


Basement floods happen due to failed sump pumps
20% of sump pumps have backups, and only 25% have a backup battery.

do you know when your sump pump was last on?


When was the last time you heard your sump pump working? Think back to the last rain storm or the last time there was snow melting if you live in a colder climate. Did it trigger your sump pump?

was your sump pump working correctly the last time you were in your basement?


If you’re in a newer construction home, your newer sump pits might be sealed so you can’t even see what’s happening inside it until it’s too late.


why you need a smart sump pump alarm and sensor


Unless you have the time to check on your sump pump several times a day to make sure it’s working properly, this is where a smart sump pump alarm and sensor could help you out and save you cash and headaches in the event of a failure.


Sump pump alarm alerts to sump pit overflow

A smart sump pump alarm alerts you before your basement floods


A sump pump alarm and sensor triggers instant alerts when the water rises higher than it should. A sensor can quickly identify several potential sump pump problems. It can tell you whether the pump has lost power, whether from a circuit breaker problem or a complete power outage, or if it's powered but not running, and the pump is broken. A smart sump pump sensor can even let you know if the pump is working but not removing water fast enough signaling that it’s time for maintenance.


Sump pump alarm and sensor alerts you with an app

Smart sump pump sensors send overflow alarms wherever you are

Water damage is costly and often happens faster than we can stop it—when you’re ready with real-time monitoring, you can take action fast, get professional sump help if you need it, and minimize the effects—even if you're away from home.


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