for homes and businesses

Alert Labs designs and manufactures easy-to-install utility monitoring sensors for smart homes and businesses.

Sentree air conditioner sensor, flowie water sensor, sumpie sump pit sensor, and floodie flood sensor
water sensors

for intelligent leak detection

Detect leaks early, prevent water damage, monitor your real-time water use, and lower your water bill. Yes, smarter water sensors are finally here.

see floodie
Flowie water sensor and floodie flood detection sensor
air conditioner

The future of

Stay cool by avoiding a/c problems before they happen. Reports and instant alerts about a/c performance help keep the unit in tip top shape.

sentree air conditioner sensor
sump pump sensor

The world's first predicitve

Know when a sump pump needs maintenance with 24/7 monitoring and reports. Receive instant sump pit water level alerts to prevent overflow and flooding.

sumpie sump pump sensor

your property is in good hands

Instant alerts and alarms mean you know about unusual events immediately - anywhere, anytime. Our sensors monitor and protect properties 24/7 and give you peace of mind where and when you need it.

always-on property protection
remote maintenance and predictive repairs
real-time analytics and alerts
cost savings: water, heating/cooling
quick install sensors
residential home and condo building protected by flowie water sensor and floodie flood sensors

protect residential...

Scalable solutions for a single property, multiple units and locations.

residential home and condo building protected by flowie water sensor and floodie flood sensors

...and commercial properties

Professional grade protection and analytics at a fraction of the cost for all property types.

multiple computers and a phone showing different screens from the Alert Labs app.
mobile phone

web and mobile app

Convenient dashboard to monitor properties at a glance

bar graph with line graph positioned above

real-time analytics

Minute by minute data gives you insight into normal activity and problems.

Two speech bubbles, one with a warning sign


Get instant alerts on your phone when trouble strikes.

central hub with points radiating outwards

operations console

View and compare properties, sensors, and events all in one location.

Two people side by side

multiple user accounts

Customize and assign users to receive alerts and have access to information.


water flow sensor

Reduces water bills and prevents damage with instant alerts for leaks, floods, humidity, temperature and power outages. Flowie is specially designed for use with indoor water meters.

faucet dripping water



pipe freezing

Shower with timer

water use


flood sensor

Prevents water damage with leak & flood alerts. The average basement flood is $43,000. Reduces premiums with many insurance carriers. Needs a cellular sensor: Flowie, Sumpie or Sentree.

water puddle with volume symbol

flood alarms

two place markers joined by a path

long range

thermometer with measurement markings floating outside<



sump pump sensor

Sends alerts about rising water levels, pending sump pump failures, and floods. Helps save on insurance and prevent catastrophes.

Beaker half filled with water

water level

EKG trace

sump pump health

speedometer almost maxed out

overflow warning


A/C monitoring system

Helps keep A/C units running optimally.

EKG trace

A/C health

pressure gauge reading close to maxed out

real-time pressure


predictive maintenance