float switch
alert system

Receive alerts when A/C condensate line is clogged or water is in drain pan

Protect homes from costly water damage due to leaking air handlers

Send the right technician during regular business hours

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How Does the Float Switch Alert System Work?

float switch cable step 1: connect
float switch cable step 2: detect
float switch cable step 3: relay
float switch cable step 4: alert


Unlike other water sensors, Floodie can be placed horizontally or vertically for optimal water detection in the drain pan. Floodie is also waterproof which means it’s reusable even after it gets wet.

leaky ceiling


Protect your customers’ homes and your business against costly water damage claims. Remotely detect drain pan overflow and float switch activation.

How do I get float switch alerts?

floodie flood sensor

Floodie is a multi-purpose water leak detector that also helps prevent damage from temperature changes and sends alerts to your phone.

floodie flood sensor

float switch cable

Connects to Floodie to send instant alerts 24/7 on your phone when the float switch is triggered. Float switch cable is 8 feet long.

float switch cable


Sentree remotely monitors A/C systems 24/7, helping contractors respond faster with customer service.

sentree a/c monitoring system


mobile phone

Remotely identify clogged drain lines before you get an emergency call

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Up your customer service game with float switch alerts

Cell tower broadcasting a signal

Cellular connected sensors means no need to use customer's WiFi network

5 - 10 minute install

house protected by Sentree A/C monitoring system and Floodie flood sensors
float switch alert
HVAC contractor receiving alert for clogged condensate line

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