Remote A/C Monitoring Can Keep Your Techs And Customers Safe

by Support Team April 29, 2020

Remote A/C Monitoring Can Keep Your Techs And Customers Safe

See the problem before the call and plan the right service


In these challenging times of physical distancing contractors need to safely make service calls at homes and businesses. HVAC and plumbing maintenance and repairs are an essential service. Reducing the risk for technicians and customers is critical. 

Here are a few ways that businesses can use remote monitoring to keep techs and customers safe. 

use remote a/c insights to reduce onsite time


Reduce time onsite and maintain social distancing by remotely monitoring and diagnosing air conditioning problems at your customers’ homes with an A/C monitoring system.


Installing the remote monitoring system should be quick and take place outside the property. Once the system is installed, you can view current, superheat, subcool and manifold gauge data on your computer or phone. If the remote A/C monitoring system uses a cellular connection set up is faster and you don’t need to go into your customer’s home to connect to their WiFi network. 


A remote A/C monitoring system highlights issues that are outside the normal performance of an air conditioning unit. You can review the data and analytics to diagnose the issue from anywhere and you spend less time on site because you can prepare for the service call before you arrive. 


Since the monitoring system is always receiving data about A/C performance, there is no need to spend 10-15 minutes running the air conditioning unit to get manifold gauge readings. You already have 24/7 access to this information. It’s like a historical record of A/C performance. 


Sentree AC Monitoring System Dashboard and App

A/C monitoring Dashboard on computer or phone for all customer properties


monitor customers’ vacation homes and empty buildings


Many vacation homeowners are not able to go to their vacation homes due to travel restrictions. Your customers might usually be anxious about leaving their vacation homes and businesses empty for any period of time, but COVID-19 has extended that time away beyond normal routines. Will the air conditioning system unexpectedly break down? Will there be water or mold damage from storms or leaky pipes? Some people might have a home watch service, but how often do they visit? What happens between visits? 


You can now offer your customers unique 24/7 protection plans that cover situations like unexpected A/C breakdowns as well as property damage from mold, water and power outages. You will be notified when issues happen and can schedule repairs and maintenance as needed with your customer or their home watch provider.


House with Sentree and Attic Vacation

Combine remote A/C monitoring with water leak detectors for added protection


track all properties with one dashboard


The A/C monitoring system you choose should include a monitoring platform that gives you and your team access to all properties, sensors, analytics and alerts in one place. You can see which properties have issues so that you can schedule a service call when it’s required. You can plan the visit so that technicians have the right protective equipment and the right tools, and your customers can plan the visit to keep them at a safe distance, as well.  


Remote AC monitoring map view of all properties

 View all properties and prioritize dispatch with a single operations console


send the right tech with the right tools


30% of truck rolls are due to clogged drain lines. This figure is even higher in humid regions like Florida and Texas. Knowing that the float switch was tripped or there is water in the air handler helps to get the right tech onsite with the right tools. A float switch alert system provides instant alerts and notifications that can prevent costly water damage for your customers. It can also significantly reduce the cost of truck rolls and time onsite for your technicians.


Instant float switch alerts avoid water damage at customer properties

Take immediate action after receiving phone alerts when a float switch is activated or fails to trigger.



we're here for you


Alert Labs offers the Sentree A/C monitoring system to help you remotely diagnose problems and keep techs and customers safe. We also carry a float switch alert system and water leak detector. Our dedicated support team continues to provide help for all install or account related questions and concerns.


Contact customer support at Alert Labs


How to reach our support team


Click or tap on the chat icon on or on the mobile app.


If you have any questions about these tips or how to get the most out of your Alert Labs sensor data, contact Stay safe out there.




Support Team
Support Team


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