New Cellular A/C Float Switch Alerts Minimize Water Damage

by Support Team July 18, 2019

New Cellular A/C Float Switch Alerts Minimize Water Damage

July 18, 2019, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada: Alert Labs announced new technology to help prevent water damage from clogged air handler drain lines. The first of its kind, the cellular-based Float Switch Alert system sends alerts to contractors’ phones when the float switch is tripped or when water is detected in the drain pan. The alerts help prevent water or mold damage in homes and reduce service costs for contractors.

The alerts help contractors save time onsite and make truck rolls more efficient. By knowing what is wrong with the air conditioning (A/C) unit before sending a technician, contractors can dispatch the right tech, the first time. Homeowners save money by avoiding costly water damage repairs and can avoid A/C breakdowns. They also enjoy shorter A/C down time because diagnosing problems is faster.


A/C float switch cable drawing with Floodie flood sensor on air handler

 Attic air handler setup for Floodie flood sensor and Float Switch cable 


The Float Switch Alert system works by combining the Float Switch cable, Floodie flood sensor and Sentree A/C monitoring system from Alert Labs. As the system is cellular-based, contractors never have to connect to homeowner WiFi networks.

Sentree is a cellular-based sensor that allows contractors to remotely monitor air conditioning systems from anywhere in the world. Sentree shows real-time, live gauge information for pressures, temperatures, and current. It also identifies unusual activity and helps contractors do proactive maintenance and repairs, keeping the A/C units running at peak efficiency. Sentree brings peace of mind to homeowners that their HVAC contractor will take care of their air conditioning needs.


Sentree A/C monitoring system installed on exterior wall

Sentree A/C monitoring system installation


Floodie is a contractor-grade water leak detector that is placed in areas at risk for leaks and floods. It sends alerts within seconds of detecting water and temperature changes.

“Sentree, Floodie, and the Float Switch cable notify contractors about a problem that is easy to fix, but can take a long time to find,” said George Tsintzouras, CEO, Alert Labs. “30% of truck rolls are due to clogged drain lines. Knowing that the float switch was tripped on the attic air handler helps to get the right tech onsite fast. This can help prevent costly water damage for the customer. It can also drastically reduce the cost of truck rolls for the contractor, all the while improving customer satisfaction. We’re thrilled to be able to develop easy-to-use technology that supports our HVAC contractors and their customers.”


About Alert Labs

Alert Labs Inc. is a software, hardware, and IoT technology firm in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. The experienced team designs and manufactures a suite of smart sensors that are on the cutting edge of property protection. These easy-to-use sensors use a cellular connection to provide real-time monitoring and 24/7 alerts with powerful analytics to reduce utility bills, property damage, and repair costs for residential and commercial properties. The company partners with property managers, insurance companies, municipalities, schools and other organizations throughout North America. Alert Labs is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Watsco, Inc. - the largest HVAC/R Distributor in North America.


Facebook: @alertlabsinfo
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Ruth Casselman
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