Flood Sensor

The portable water leak detector that also minimizes damage from temperature changes. Floodie sends alerts to your phone when issues occur. Floodie helps guard against water damage - the number 1 property insurance claim. Floodie needs a cellular sensor: Flowie, Sumpie, or Sentree.

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floodie flood detection sensor
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up to 1000 ft. range

thermometer reading almost maximum temperature


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quick installation

Easy to activate and place where needed, Floodie automatically connects to an Alert Labs cellular sensor without WiFi.

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No WiFi pairing required

snapping fingers

Installs in seconds

Instant Flood and Temperature Alerts

Floodie sends alerts to your phone within 3 seconds of detecting water. The sensor also sounds an alarm to help you locate it when you’re within earshot. Set your own hot or cold thresholds for temperature alerts. Plus, assigned users receive notification when the alert has been resolved.

Instant flood alerts

Audible flood alarm

thermometer with measurement markings floating outside<

Temperature alerts with custom thresholds

Floodie flood sensor beside a water heater
residential condo and single house protected by Flowie water sensor and Floodie flood sensors

protect residential...

Floodie provides professional grade property protection from water damage at fraction of the cost.

Shopping mall protected by Flowie water sensor and Floodie flood sensors

...and commercial properties

Floodie works in any building even where WiFi access is not available.

Floodie flood sensor positioned horizontally
Floodie flood sensor positioned vertically

sleek and functional design

Unlike other water sensors, Floodie can be placed horizontally or vertically for optimal flood detection. Floodie is also waterproof which means it’s reusable even after it gets wet.

24/7 leak & flood monitoring

Even a power outage can’t stop Floodie from sending leak and flood alerts when it detects water. Floodie is designed to send flood alarms only when the contacts detect water, not moisture or humidity.

Minimized false alarms

Low battery notifications

Long range leak and flood detection

The most common places to experience water damage are around water heaters, water softeners and toilets. Place Floodies in these areas up to 1000 ft. (300 m) from an Alert Labs cellular sensor for complete property protection.


Water Heater and Boiler

Sump Pit

Water Softener


house protected by Flowie water sensor and Floodie flood sensors
Alert Labs dashboard on a laptop and mobile showing Floodie drilldown page

History of the flood

The Alert Labs Dashboard and Mobile App keep a record of all water events at properties.

works with Hey Google

floodie specs

Floodie flood sensor
Flood cord accessory

Flood Cable


Extend Floodie’s water detection area around water heaters, toilets, or along pipelines (8 ft long).

Floodie flood sensor with flood cable accessory

Temperature cable accessory

Temperature Cable


Customize temperature range to help prevent problems like pipe freezing or food spoilage (10 ft long). Temperature range is -67F (-55C) to 257F (125C).

Float switch cable accessory

Float Switch Cable


Connect the Float Switch Cable (8 ft) to Floodie to get instant alerts 24/7 on your phone when the float switch is activated.

Wet dry switch cable accessory

the alert labs team of smart sensors

Professional grade. Affordable price.

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Make water intelligence work for you.