Sumpie Sonar Sensor (Pre-order)

Sumpie Sonar Sensor Features:
  • Sends text alarms on floods / unexpected water
  • Detects rising water level for early warning on imminent failures and floods
  • Determines mechanical health of the sump pump
  • Reports power outages
  • Reports temperature and humidity
  • Plugs into electrical outlet to ensure continuous operation (with battery backup)
And all Alert Labs sensors:
  • Provide real-time and historical data so you'll be informed of trends, abnormal usage, and improvements
  • Send text, email, and in-app alerts for emergency issues
  • Require no local internet or Wi-Fi - saves money and complexity
  • Take 2 minutes to install - no tools or technical expertise required
  • Work in a power outage - continues to upload data and send alerts
    • 1 Sumpie Sonar Sensor
    • 1 Floodie Companion Sensor
    Monthly Monitoring and Analytics:
    • 24x7 monitoring provides real-time alerts, data analysis, and reporting
    • Insightful data analysis accessible by mobile, web, or in-app
    • Historical trends and comparison (greater usage, improved efficiency, etc.)
    • Identification of opportunities for efficiency improvements
    • Cross-referencing of third party data e.g. weather patterns
    • Monthly monitoring fee of $4.99/sensor (fee includes monitoring of unlimited Floodie Companion Sensors)

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