sump pump sensor

More than a sump pump alarm, Sumpie monitors sump pit water level in real-time, tracking sump pump performance for predictive maintenance. A backup battery and cellular connection mean 24/7 high water level alerts and power failure alarms for up to 3 days without electricity. Install Sumpie in just seconds — no plumber needed.

$ 395
+ monitoring
Sumpie sump pit sensor
Monitors water levelWater in half full beaker

water level

EKG trace for single heartbeat

sump pump health

ICON/Sumpie/Mechanical FailureTwo cracked and broken gears>

mechanical failure

ICON/Sumpie/Power OutagesCrossed out lightning bolt

power outages

ICON/Sumpie/Overflow WarningSpeedometer near maximum speed

overflow warning

1 in 55

homes experience water damage and freezing every year


the average cost of basement flood in a city


of basement floods are the result of sump pump failure

2-minute diy install

Sumpie installs in just two minutes in conventional and sealed sump pump pits.

Complete Water Alarm System

Works with Floodie flood sensor for whole property protection against water damage.

two place markers joined by a path

Up to 1000 ft. range


5 year battery


Horizontal or vertical placement

house protected by Sumpie sump pump sensor and Floodie flood sensors

real time sump pump data

Receive alerts for a failing sump pump before your property floods.

ICON/RisingWater Water in beaker with upward arrow representing increasing water level

Track rising water level

Warns before equipment failure exclamation mark enclosed in triangle

Receive high water alarms

Sumpie sump pit sensor installed in situ

remote monitoring

Wherever you are, receive notifications and alerts about sump pump events. Imagine the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home or property is monitored 24/7.

Alert labs mobile app displayed on phone



Sumpie sump pit sensor
$ 395
+ monitoring
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