Automatic Water Shut-off Valve

Shuttie automatically shuts off water lines at commercial and residential properties to control water flow according to each building’s unique water usage patterns. Property managers and building owners receive alerts about unusual water usage and can remotely stop water flow until the issue is resolved—before bigger problems occur.

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Shuttie automatic water shut-off valve
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reduces water damage

battery operated

Cell tower broadcasting a signal

no wifi needed

indoor & outdoor use


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shut down water damage

1 in 50

Homes are damaged from water each year


Average cost of flooded basement

up to 10%

discount on property insurance policy when you install Shuttie


smart water shut-off

For property owners who want the flexibility to shut off water from anywhere based on the property’s unique water usage patterns and alerts.

mobile phone

Remote shut off from anywhere

Water flow data / Water usage data

Alert Labs dashboard on mobile and desktop

required sensors:

Shuttie shut-off valve and Flowie water sensor

smart & auto water shut-off

For property owners who want maximum protection against water damage risk with cost savings based on machine learning software.


Automatic water shut off

mobile phone

Remote shut off from anywhere

Water flow data / Water usage data

Shuttie shut-off valve and Floodie flood sensor

required sensors:

Shuttie shut-off valve, Flowie water sensor and Floodie flood sensor

Water Damage Security System

Shuttie is battery operated and needs an Alert Labs cellular water sensor to provide 24/7water shut off capabilities. The shut off system keeps working in a power outage due to the cellular sensor’s backup battery.

Receive customizable text, email and in-app alerts for unusual water patterns. You can also control who has access to monitor and receive alerts for each property.

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Power Outage

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quick installation

A licensed plumber is required to install the ball valve onto the water pipe before Shuttie can be attached. Installation takes approximately 25 minutes. Shuttie fits on three water pipe sizes and requires two MIP fittings for installation.

Shuttie automatic water shut-off valve plumber installation

Residential and Commercial Use

All Alert Labs sensors are designed and built for residential and commercial use. Install Shuttie to shut off water supply to:

  • Main lines
  • Hot water tanks
  • Irrigation systems
  • Water features
  • Risers
  • Common areas
  • In suites
  • Boiler rooms

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Shuttie automatic water shut-off valve

Works with the Alert Labs team of sensors

Shuttie works with an Alert Labs cellular sensor to provide 24/7 automatic water shut off monitoring. Enhance your analytics experience, gain even more valuable insights, and increase property protection with these sensors.

Flowie and Flowie-O water flow sensors


Water Flow Sensors

Floodie flood sensors


Flood sensor

Humie humidity sensor


Hsumidity Sensor

Make water intelligence work for you.