Humidity and temperature sensor

Commercial-grade relative humidity and temperature sensor for remote monitoring of commercial and residential buildings. Avoid mold and property damage with instant alerts sent to your phone.

humie humidity sensor on wooden table
Humie humidity and temperature sensor
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Why 24/7 monitoring of humidity and temperature?

Mold grows

Mold can start to grow in a room at 69.8F (21C) with a relative humidity (RH) of 68% or higher.

Pipes burst

When temperature gets too low, pipes can freeze and burst causing catastrophic water damage.

Humie humidity sensor on wall near office


68% RH detected in living room.

Humie humidity sensor on wall near kitchen

Early detection avoids damage

24/7 humidity and temperature monitoring with instant alerts tells you when to take action to keep buildings and the people in them safe.

mobile phone

Email, Text, and in-app notifications

Install anywhere indoors

Condo buildings

Condo boards and property managers can monitor humidity in vacant suites and common areas.

multi story residence building

Government buildings

Facility managers can help protect valuable and historic building assets.

restaurant building storefront


Owners can monitor refrigerators and freezers to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.

school building


Facility and maintenance teams can monitor vacant and occupied school buildings.

Vacation homes

HVAC contractors can ensure climate care and comfort of customers.

Humie installs in seconds, runs on 2 AA batteries and requires an Alert Labs cellular sensor:

Humie humidity sensor on wooden table
Humie humidity sensor on cement wall

Humidity & Temperature Dashboard

  • View minute-by-minute data
  • See a record of all humidity and temperature events
  • Adjust alert thresholds to match conditions in your buildings
  • Easily export and share data with team members
Alert labs dashboard on laptop and mobile phone


Like all Alert Labs solutions, Humie comes with the AlertAQ™ Advantage


Keeps working in a power outage, thanks to the AlertAQ cellular-based solution with battery back up

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Set humidity and temperature thresholds and choose who receives alerts

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User friendliness

Installs in seconds with no need for WiFi pairing

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Building Insights Dashboard

Record of humidity and temperature data

Our clients love knowing that the antique wood at the courthouse is safe thanks to Humie’s 24/7 monitoring.

- Insurance Provider
temperature warning near freezer door
Alert Labs temperature cable accessory



Customize temperature range to help prevent problems like pipe freezing or food spoilage (10 ft long). Temperature range is -67F (-55C) to 257F (125C).

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