Non-invasive water flow sensors

Flowie and Flowie-O water flow sensors are installed across North America to help building owners and operators gain cost-saving water usage insights.

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Sensors do not compromise or modify water meter readings, the magnetic field, impeller or other water meter components.

flowie-o on water meter
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How do water authorities & customers benefit?

Advanced water usage insights help water authorities and their customers

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Resolve billing disputes

Reduce water treatment costs

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Complement AMR and AMI systems

Achieve water conservation targets

Water authority customers can avoid surprise water charges by identifying problems before they receive their monthly or quarterly bill.

How do Flowie and Flowie-O work?

Flowie & Flowie-O are able to track water flow up to the minute by passively receiving the mechanical signals sent by the water meter. All data is securely transmitted to the Alert Labs Building Insights Dashboard to be viewed by assigned users. Algorithms interpret water usage patterns to determine if a property is experiencing unusual water usage events such as leaks or floods. Flowie and Flowie-O meet FCC requirements.

Flowie being installed on water meter


Easy Install

Alert Labs mobile app and Flowie water flow sensor


See Insights

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Happy Customers


If you have any questions about Flowie, Flowie-O or our other smart building sensors, please complete then form below and an Alert Labs representative will be in touch.

Flowie-O water flow sensor and sensor relay
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