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Leaks. Floods. Water use.

The only water sensors that monitor water use in real time and detect leaks and floods. Our intelligent leak detection analyzes water usage at your properties protecting you from water damage and high water bills.

+ monitoring

single & multi residential use

Flowie and Floodie provide leak and flood protection for buildings up to 10 stories high. Customized solutions are also available for larger buildings.

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water use

power outage



residential and commercial properties protected by flowie and floodie leak and flood sensors
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I would wholeheartedly recommend this product to every single landlord and I have personally made Flowie and integral part of my property management solution.”
-Paul Kondakos, Professional Real Estate Investor

connected and protected 24/7

Unlike wifi devices, Flowie and Floodie keep working in a power outage to keep your property dry.


Monitor the power on status at your properties.

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No need for wifi pairing — Flowie uses a cellular connection with no contracts.

leak & flood alerts from anywhere

Prevent high water bills and water damage caused by tenants who don't notify you of a problem. Receive alerts for abnormal water use and floods wherever you are.

Long range communicationRadar sweep with mutliple points

Monitor all of your properties from one command center.

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Delegate alerts to multiple managers.

Alert Labs app displayed on phone

save thousands of dollars every year

A property manager installed Flowie and Floodie and used the Alert Labs' Dashboard and App to discover two hidden toilet leaks at separate properties saving him $6000 a year.

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real-time data

See your water use by the day, hour and minute. Identify issues immediately to avoid costly utility bills.

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hidden leak detection

Flowie analyzes water on and off time and uses algorithms to detect hidden leaks in plumbing fixtures like toilets as well as intermittent leaks.

heat map of water usage

consumption profile

Flowie creates a profile of typical water use at a property. When water consumption deviates from this profile, you get unusual water alerts.

meet flowie

Straps onto your water meter and sends instant water usage and leak alerts to your phone.

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flowie water sensor
floodie water sensor

this is floodie

Works with your Flowie to alert you when it detects a flood.

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Flowie water leak sensor and floodie flood sensor
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