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Water Use Monitoring Helps Lower Water Bills


AI-powered analytics of water use that automatically detect water leaks and other inefficiencies. Actionable insights help lower water costs across all buildings.


Monitor water use by the minute

  • Installs in seconds – straps onto existing water meters: single or compound, 3/4” up to 4”
  • SMS alerts: water leaks, temperature & power
  • No pipe cutting
  • No WiFi needed – has its own internet connection
  • Backup battery
start lowering water costs

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We serve the following industries and building types:

Commercial · Multifamily · Industrial · Hospitality · Recreation · Education · Healthcare · Retail · Government

I can drill down and figure out exactly what the water issues are in the buildings, seeing all of the properties I manage to prioritize then repair the most costly buildings to significantly reduce our total water costs.

- Joanna Jackson
Director, Sustainability & Innovation
Here are just a few of the customers benefiting from our water use monitoring technology:
Apartment Buildings Save $100,000

Minto Apartments manages 8,800 residential units in North America. After attempting to manage water costs with water bills, they installed Alert Labs solutions and started seeing benefits soon thereafter.

International hotel chain saves $510,000+

AlertAQ automatically identified the abnormal water use and alerted the facilities team. The leak was fixed within hours saving the hotel $510,862 in annual water costs.

New Construction Site Avoids $6,000,000 In Water Damage

An unfinished plumbing fixture in a mechanical room started leaking at a new construction site. AlertAQ detected the leak, made an automated phone call to the supervisor and helped the company save $6,000,000.

Alert Labs analyzes more than 25,000,000,000 gallons of water every year, has saved customers over $15,000,000 and has reduced CO2e emissions by over 29,800,000 pounds. Alert Labs is a subsidiary of Watsco Inc. – the largest HVAC/R Distributor in North America.