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Smart sensors for leaks, floods and HVAC

Stand out from your competition. Grow your business with Alert Labs cellular-based sensors. Receive information and alerts about your customers' properties on your phone or computer.

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  • Sell premium subscription plans
  • Increase rate of new systems sales
  • Keep your customers longer
  • Grow customer referrals
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  • Reduce cost of nuisance truck rolls and call backs
  • Send the right tech at the right time
  • Roll trucks with the right parts thanks to remote a/c diagnostics
  • Use your senior techs more efficiently


  • Offer new solutions and value for your customers
  • Be proactive for your customers
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  • Add value for your customers and increase customer happiness
  • Lower customer churn from maintenance contracts
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Easy tech means easy maintenance

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predictive maintenance

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real-time monitoring

The highest resolution data for leaks, floods, A/C performance and more is now available with minute-by-minute monitoring.

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powerful analytics

Detailed information about customers' properties helps indentify small problems before they cause service interruptions.

emergency alerts

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text and email alerts

Provide the most responsive customer service possible by receiving instant text messages and email alerts on your phone for leaks, floods, water left running and temperature.

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reliable cellular connection

Unlike WiFi based devices, Alert Labs sensors provide always on property protection and monitoring even in a power outage.

simple to deploy & manage

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quick install

Sensors and dashboard are designed to be used by anyone. Training your sales team or installers takes minutes not days.

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operations console

The operations console is your control center for all of your customers’ sensors. Delegate alerts to your service technicians.

the alert labs team of smart sensors

Professional grade. Affordable price.

Flowie and Flowie-O water flow sensors


Water Flow Sensors

Floodie flood sensors


Flood sensor

Sumpie sump pump sensor


Sump Pump Sensor

Humie humidity sensor


Humidity Sensor

Sentree A/C Monitoring system


A/C Monitoring System

Shuttie automatic water shut-off valve


Automatic Water Shut-Off Valve

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