Water Leak Detection for New Construction

AlertAQ™ leak and flood solutions

  • No WiFi or wired network needed
  • Reusable for multiple job sites - just pick up and go
  • 24/7 monitoring with backup battery
  • Customizable alerts (text, phone call, email, in-app)
  • Humidity and temperature data to monitor curing of concrete


about AlertAQ™ smart leak and
flood solutions

Start protecting your buildings from water damage and high water bills today!

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A single water damage event at a construction site can lead to massive repair costs, lengthy construction delays and severe reputational harm to your business.

More and more insurance companies require construction projects to have cellular connected water sensors on site because they acknowledge that leaks and floods are common.

Construction sites need a leak and flood solution that sends alerts to your phone 24/7, works in power outages, doesn’t need WiFi or wired networks and monitors temperature and humidity.

New building construction projects need AlertAQ™.

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Sensors for leaks, floods, temperature, and humidity can be set up at new building construction in minutes with the need to cut pipe. They can be uninstalled easy and moved onto the next project. We work with you to develop a custom water management solution.

Alert Labs dashboard with flood detected Flood detected at construction site
Tower crane at construction site

New Construction Site Avoids $6M In Water Damage

Poor plumbing fixtures were left unfinished at new high-rise construction site. Floodie detected water on the floor in the mechanical room and sent an alert. The water was turned off and $6M in damage was avoided.

Make water intelligence work for you.