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Alert Labs provides award winning water intelligence and HVAC monitoring solutions with the AlertAQ platform and IoT sensors both of which are proudly designed and built in North America.

Founded in 2015 by George Tsintzouras, Ruth Casselman and Kevin Wright, we partner with property managers, building owners, HVAC and plumbing contractors, insurance companies, municipalities, schools and other organizations to help them protect assets, lower operating costs and increase sustainability at their buildings.

In our ongoing quest to make the world’s buildings more sustainable, our AlertAQ platform monitors more than 25,000,000,000 gallons of water every year, has saved customers over $15,000,000 and has reduced CO²E emissions by more than 29,000,000 pounds.


At Alert Labs, our environmental goals inspire how we do business.

We are committed to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). We are a member of the Green Business Bureau and are in the process of becoming a Certified B Corp.

In 2021, through a combination of municipal recycling and third-party recycling programs we successfully diverted 88% of our manufacturing waste away from landfills.

Alert Labs is a subsidiary of Watsco, Inc. - the largest HVAC/R distributor in North America. Learn more about Watsco’s commitment to help accelerate the reduction of CO²E emissions in the cooling and heating industry.

5 billion

gallons of water saved

Using Alert Labs water management solutions is a great way to help lower GHGs and reduce utility costs. I would recommend Alert Labs to any sustainability director or organization.

Michelle Cong, Sustainability Coordinator,
Fanshawe College

By recycling materials instead of expending energy to refine new ones, we’re reducing our emissions of CO²E.

Our waste diversion program is one of the many ways we continue to strive towards our goal of being the most sustainable provider of water intelligence and HVAC monitoring.

29 Million +

pounds of CO²E prevented
The team that makes it possible.

There’s more than 512 years of combined problem solving skill within the immensely talented group of people at Alert Labs.
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