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Water Damage Is Real

While away on business, George Tsintzouras received a 3 AM call from a tenant who said there was major water damage at his rental property. If the leak that caused the damage had been detected earlier, expensive repair costs and wasted water could have been avoided. So, George got an idea. He teamed up with co-founders, Ruth Casselman and Kevin Wright to create Alert Labs and develop smart building sensors that make it easy for everyone to better manage water and energy, as well as minimize property damage in buildings where people live, work and play.

Alert Labs founders George Tsintzouras, Ruth Casselman and Kevin Wright

Photo courtesy of Brent Davis from The Record.

We make smart building sensors that anyone can use to unlock significant savings on water costs and to grow their business.”

- CEO of Alert Labs, George Tsintzouras
Alert Labs office building

How We Grew

Since 2015, Alert Labs has been helping property managers, building owners, HVAC and plumbing contractors, insurance companies, municipalities, schools and other organizations minimize risk, reduce costs and improve efficiency with smart water and HVAC solutions. We are now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Watsco, Inc. - the largest HVAC Distributor in North America.

Alert Labs technology has helped us save over $100,000 in water costs a year.”

- Joanna Jackson, Building Performance Specialist, Minto Apartments

Where We Are Today

As we continue to grow and help more people and businesses meet their goals, by using effective and reliable, cost-saving technology with unusual names, we have discovered that we share our passions with some of the best customers, partners and co-workers in the world.

Flowie water flow sensor and the 2019 Innovative Product Award

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