Northbridge Insurance and Alert Labs Partner for Leak & Flood Protection Program

by Support Team February 15, 2017

Northbridge Insurance and Alert Labs Partner for Leak & Flood Protection Program


Toronto, Ontario, Canada - February 15, 2017 – Easy-to-install water sensors help protect Ontario homeowners against costly water damage.


Water damage is the #1 reason home owners need to make an insurance claim– and many of these claims are preventable. To help customers protect their homes,Northbridge Insurance has launched a pilot project that offers customers annual savings of up to $150 on home insurance when they purchase an Alert Labs Home Solution package, consisting of a Flowie water sensor and a Floodie companion sensor.


two-minute diy install


Alert Labs sensors can beinstalled by homeowners in less than two minutes on municipal water meters – no tools or technical expertise required. They’re now available at a special rate for Northbridge Insurance customers, just in time for spring weather.


real-time leak and flood protection


Designed to detect potentially damaging incidents like leaks, power outages, temperature fluctuations, and floods, Alert Labs sensors send alerts to homeowners on their computer or mobile device in real-time when something goes wrong. Each sensor is equipped with a battery back-up and works using a cellular connection not Wi-Fi, so they’ll continue to work in a power outage – right when they’re needed the most.


“Our technology tracks and analyses water consumption, and customers are notified of incidents that could point to a leak, such as continuously running water,” explained Alert Labs CEO George Tsintzouras. “This makes us different from a lot of other solutions that focus on alerting customers after a flood has taken place. Our goal is to help homeowners avoid the expense and hassle of water damage in the first place with technology that’s easy to use.”


water usage monitoring and analytics


Alert Labs sensors also allow customers to capture and analyze water consumption, which can lead to important savings when it comes to costly utility bills. How significant are the savings Alert Labs customers stand to gain? “A single toilet leak can cost up to $600 per year in wasted water,” said Alert Labs CEO George Tsintzouras.


northbridge insurance provides innovative protection


“While we’re here for our customers when they need us, we know that no one wants to come home and deal with a water damage claim,” said Ilda Dinis, VP of Customer Experience and Marketing for Northbridge Insurance. “We’re always looking for innovative ways to help our customers protect what matters to them, and partnering with Alert Labs is a great way for us to do that.”  


“We’re excited about this opportunity to partner with Northbridge Insurance and their broker network,” added Tsintzouras. “In addition to saving money and avoiding damage, reducing wasted water saves valuable natural resources – which is a benefit to all of us.”

The pilot project is currently underway, and was launched in collaboration with Northbridge Insurance broker partners that focus on areas in Ontario where the risks of water damage are especially high. Ontario homeowners can visit to learn how they can help protect their homes from water damage – and save on insurance.




about alert labs


Alert Labs is an IoT technology company based in Kitchener, Ontario. Alert Labs is building affordable and reliable sensor-networks for residential and commercial property owners. Alert Labs’ simple-to-deploy sensors can be placed on water meters, sump pumps, furnaces, near toilets and other appliances to detect water leaks, floods, power issues, and other events. Customers receive real-time alerts and insightful data analytics via SMS, email, and the Alert Labs app. Visit Alert Labs at


about northbridge insurance


Northbridge Insurance is one of Canada’s leading insurance companies. Working with our broker partners, we focus on understanding the needs of our customers and on creating solutions that help make their lives a little easier when it comes to protecting their homes, cars and businesses.


Northbridge Insurance Logo is a trademark of Northbridge Financial Corporation, licensed by Northbridge Personal Insurance Corporation (insurer of Northbridge Insurance policies).


For further information:

Ilda Dinis
Vice President, Customer Experience and Marketing
Northbridge Financial Corporation
+1 (416) 350-4495


Ruth Casselman
Vice President, Operations
Alert Labs Inc.
+1 (519) 573-6518


Support Team
Support Team


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