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Beta Program

Thank you for your interest in our Beta Program! We are excited for you to experience our products and services, and to hear your feedback. 

As a member of this program, you’ll experience Alert Labs’ property monitoring systems and be among the first to provide invaluable early feedback that will help to enrich our products and services.
Our Beta Program includes:
  • Alert Labs’ monitors and sensors that provide customized monitoring for your property. Sensors available for installation:
    • Water meter monitor
    • Sump pump monitor
    • Water softener monitor
    • Flood/leak detector
    • Furnace monitor
  • Access to Alert Labs’ Property Monitoring Platform:
    • Provides real-time data analytics of the monitors installed at your property
    • Accessible from your smart phone or computer
  • Real-time notification of emergency events (i.e. floods, power outages, etc.) at your property, via text, email, and in-app.
  • Alert Labs’ Mobile App:
    • Some participants may be asked to experience our mobile phone app depending on your mobile phone type, etc.

Apply to join our Beta Program, or for more information, please contact us at betahelp@alertlabs.com